How To Find A TMJ Specialist In Toronto?

When looking for a good TMJ specialist Toronto headache pain sufferers can visit, it is very important to do proper research. What you will find is that while some dentists are very highly trained to assess and treat TMJ disorders, dentists are not allowed to call themselves a TMJ specialist. This is due to regulations from the dental association because there is no official specialty for TMJ treatment recognized yet by the dental association.

Other health practitioners may refer to themselves as a TMJ specialist because they are not prevented from calling themselves this by any governing body. But, just because someone calls themselves a TMJ specialist does not mean they have significant training or hands-on experience in this field.

Symptoms of TMJ disorders include headache pain as well as pain in the areas of the jaw and face. The pain may also extend to the neck, back or hands in some cases. Problems related to the ears are also common and would include a ringing sound in the ears or dizziness. Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and perhaps snoring may be linked to this disorder.

Chiropractors, physiotherapists, some massage therapists and even acupuncturists may claim to be able provide TMJ treatment.

What patients need to look for is a health care provider who has the proper training to discover if the problem is a TMJ disorder.

Then, the alignment of the jaw needs to be corrected. If this alignment is not corrected then chiropractic adjustments to the neck or spine will not work properly. If the jaw is not properly realigned then any soft tissue treatment such as from a physiotherapist or massage therapist will not work long term.

In order to get long term benefits then the jaw needs to be realigned.

The first step is therefore to search for a TMJ specialist Toronto has who can apply his or her extensive training to any patients particular circumstances.

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